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Remember when we had a jokes thread?


Posted 6:29 pm, 11/22/2022

Woman walks into the Doctors office and says we need help. My husband will only eat dog food and I am afraid it will kill him. The Dr assured here while not the best diet it would not actually harm her husband. She accepted his explanation and left. A few days later she called the Doctor back and said you were wrong my husband is dead and the dog food is to blame. What happened said the Doctor? Well he was laying in the highway licking himself and got hit by a car she said


Posted 6:57 am, 11/22/2022

Why do they give old men in nursing homes Viagra? To keep them from rolling out of bed!


Posted 5:24 am, 11/22/2022



Posted 1:36 am, 11/22/2022

90 year old man goes to Dr for the little blue pill, When asked he tells the Dr he is getting married to a 18 year old cheer leader, The Dr explained you do realize the age difference might prove to be fatal on your wedding night? The old man thought about it a minute and said if she dies she dies


Posted 11:54 pm, 11/21/2022

An 80-year-old man was having his annual checkup when the doctor asked how he was feeling.
"I've never been better!" he boasted.

"I've got an 18-year-old bride who's pregnant and having my child! What do you think about that?"

The doctor considered this for a moment, then said, "Let me tell you a story. I knew a guy who was an avid hunter. He never missed a season. But one day he went out in a bit of a hurry and accidentally grabbed his umbrella instead of his gun."

The doctor continued, "So he was in the woods and suddenly a grizzly bear appeared in front of him! He raised up his umbrella, pointed it at the bear, and squeezed the handle. And do you know what happened?" the doctor queried.

Dumbfounded, the old man replied, "No, what?"

The doctor continued, "The bear dropped dead in front of him."

"That's impossible!" exclaimed the old man.

"Someone else must have shot the bear."

"That's kind of what I'm getting at," replied the doctor.


Posted 2:23 am, 10/23/2021

Did yall hear about the club they tried to open for men with erectile dysfunction? They shut it down. It was a real flop, nobody ever came


Posted 6:09 pm, 10/20/2021

Woman: Dear Lord, grant me the strength to cope with all of my haters

God: B***, ain't nobody thinking about you!


Posted 3:07 pm, 10/19/2021

What is an alcoholics favorite holiday?



Posted 8:25 am, 10/16/2021

Man driving sees road sign.

He reads, "Road Work Ahead."

"That's good," he says.


Posted 7:56 am, 10/16/2021

kayla23 (view profile)

Posted 1:46 am, 10/16/2021

Why dont vegetarians moan during sex?
They dont wanna admit that a piece of meat made them happy
LMAO Your a nut!!!


Posted 4:50 am, 10/16/2021



Posted 1:46 am, 10/16/2021

Why dont vegetarians moan during sex?

They dont wanna admit that a piece of meat made them happy


Posted 5:33 am, 10/13/2021

Two statues had been standing in the park, facing each other, dressed in very little clothes, for decades. One was a depiction of Aphrodite, the other was a depiction of Zeus.

One fine day, a fairy dropped by and brought both statues to life, offering them to grant their biggest wish, but only for one hour.
Both statues did not think for much longer. They looked at each other and ran off to the bushes. Soon enough, the bushes could be seen swaying this way and that, leaves flying around. Half an hour later, the statues, looking a little disheveled, returned to the fairy.

‘That was fun!', said Zeus, ‘let's do that again!'
‘Allright,' said Aphrodite, ‘but this time you hold the pigeon and I get to crap on its head!'


Posted 6:10 pm, 10/12/2021


Posted 4:29 pm, 10/12/2021

That's a good one. Here's another
A Western Buddhist woman was in India, studying with her teacher. She was riding with another woman friend in an open carriage when they were attacked by a man on the street. In the end, the attacker only succeeded in frightening the women, but the Buddhist woman was quite upset by the event and told her teacher. She asked him what she should have done: "what would have been the appropriate, Buddhist response?" The teacher said very simply, "You should have very mindfully and with great compassion whacked the attacker over the head with your umbrella."


Posted 4:22 pm, 10/12/2021

Here's one that I hope my friend (self appointed nemesis?) Bestill appreciates

A Buddhist monk walks up to a hot dog vendor and says, "make me one with everything..."

After a brief chuckle at the monk's joke, the vendor hands him his hot dog with everything and says, "that'll be $4 please."

The monk hands over a $10 bill and waits while the vendor just stares back at him. Awkwardly, the monk asks, "what about my change?"

"Ah," replies the hot dog vendor. "Change must come from within..."


Posted 3:54 pm, 10/12/2021

Man went bear hunting but got tired. He put down his gun to drink from the river. He looks up and a big

bear was headed for him. Man ask God to protect him......the bear thanked God for his supper!


Posted 11:55 am, 09/28/2021

Imagine if you will. A Atheist stuck at a green light behind a car with a bumper sticker that says Honk if you love Jesus


Posted 12:17 am, 09/28/2021

Riddle me this and answer me quick who says their sane but cuts off their


Posted 3:35 am, 09/03/2021

My dad said people shouldn't get ribbons just for participating because it rewards them for losing.

So I took down his confederate flag.

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