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Posted 3:28 am, 04/05/2023

not here yet, that I've seen.....


Posted 12:03 am, 04/05/2023

Don't feed wildlife, it's not natural.


Posted 11:11 pm, 04/04/2023

I ate one on a stick once

marvin boggs

Posted 10:48 pm, 04/04/2023

use well water or distilled . the city water causes them health issues .


Posted 6:50 pm, 03/21/2022

Do not put red dye into the food. EVER. You can buy food, and it is good to buy the stuff that has calcium and other minerals to help fortify their eggs which are becoming brittle from human pollution and pesticides. Make sure your feeder has bright red parts to it.. and if does not, you can put a red ribbon or other bright red fake flower somewhere to help attract them. Or plant hummingbird-friendly plants/flowers...

You can use sugar water, if you prepare it correctly. Refrigerate unused food. Also change the food at least weekly or more often - they only like fresh nectar.

Also watch your feeder for invading insects - ants love your nectar more than the birds do and are very resourceful. Large hornets also love the food and will destroy a feeder to get to it. You can buy "water moats" to hang the feeder from and fill it with water to keep ants out. Good luck with the flying hornets though.

Now is the time to put out feeders. Hummingbirds are migrating out now and looking for food-rich areas to build nests. They also remember prior feeding grounds and will re-check them first, so if you don't have feeders out early, you won't have as many all summer long as you could.


Posted 5:28 pm, 03/13/2022

They usually show up at our house the first week in April.


Posted 4:35 pm, 03/13/2022

There is absolutely no reason to add any red dyes to hummingbird sugar water. After all, natural flower nectar is clear, and hummingbird feeders have colorful parts that attract hummingbird regardless of the color of the sugar water.


Posted 4:03 pm, 03/13/2022

I think I have the same birds every year, and they're kind of snobs LOL I've put out sugar water, and they'll fly right up in my face and stare in the windows! I swear they're fussing about the food!

Temperature is supposed to be back in the 60s tomorrow and it will get warmer as the week progresses, so I'll go ahead and put out the feeders tomorrow. They could show up any day now, really.


Posted 3:18 pm, 03/13/2022

I've never had a problem ...they love it here...we run four feeder and they've been as many as 7 on one feeder at times

Now if it rains hard you will need to dump feeder and refill with fresh food


Posted 2:55 pm, 03/13/2022

I've tried the sugar water mix, they hate it! I gave up and just started buying it again.

And, of course, I've planted a lot of hummingbird-friendly plants.


Posted 9:37 am, 03/13/2022

Plus FD&C red #2 for attractant.


Posted 9:26 am, 03/13/2022

1/4 cup of sugar ...1 cup of water


Posted 9:23 am, 03/13/2022

anybody have a recipe on how to make my own food for them.


Posted 9:16 am, 03/13/2022

Most likely you want see them around here until 1st or 2nd week of April


Posted 1:24 am, 03/13/2022

They usually show up in the middle of March, so any day now! This cold snap will probably push them off a little later than usual, though.


Posted 9:58 pm, 03/12/2022

They died in my garage.


Posted 2:06 pm, 03/12/2022

Anybody seen them yet?

Note from GoNC: I copied this to all of the GoNC sites, so please state your county when you see a hummingbird

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