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Tortilla Pizza

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Tortilla Pizza
Tortilla Pizza

Super fast, use any ingredients . Great for a family night the kids can help. Super simple, and not leaving you with that stuffed feeling. This pizza is one of my favorites. With the directions you get the idea. This can be dinner or a snack it all depends on you. The combinations are endless!

1 bag soft flour tortillas.
1 jar sun dried tomato pasta sauce
1 jar sun dried tomato pesto
shredded mozzarella cheese
fresh spinach
1 large onion
1 small can mushrooms or fresh
1/2 rotisserie chicken cut into bite sized pieces

Pre heat oven to 350
Cut onion into slices caramelize in butter set aside
Sautee mushrooms in butter set aside.
Cube chicken into bite sized pieces set aside
Mix 1/2 cup pasta sauce with about 3 or 4 Tablespoons pesto together.
Line all ingredients in prepared bowls in work area and begin to assemble.
Use a cookie sheet or large round pizza pan ungreased.
place 2 tortillas on pan.
Spoon sauce on spreading evenly almost to edge of tortilla.
In doing so avoids the chance of the pizza sticking to the pan during baking.
Add a little mozzarella cheese .
Now the fun begins add what ever you like on a pizza
I added in this order chicken, mushrooms, spinach, onions and more cheese.
Place in oven for 10 minutes cheese should be melted but not burnt.
Every oven is different so check after 5 minutes and turn.
Cut into 4 pieces and Enjoy!!

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Great recipe!


So good after doing this started playing around with other topping

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